this is the favorite one according to the words of artworks ceo

Aw —
100 персонажей
Aw —
100 characters

На 100 визитных карточек For 100 identity cards

artworks mascot, the man in a scuba costume — it was first created by me while making artworks website in 2001 — he was lying in a bathtub
this woman with short hair represent the reference to one of russian films by Yuri Mamin — the fountain
no that is not eric cartman, though he obviously looks pretty similiar
my less favourite figure of all because of one reason only — he doesn't have legs
this is the reference to aleksander shulgin, with whom I used to work a bit in 2009 — he was a pretty nasty person, as for me
cool af
maybe a reference to egor salnikov, who was considered to be my friend for some time until 2014 — nothing extraordinary happened, though we've stopped talking. There were many reasons — too many for an alt description here
reminds me of multimania illustrations with a similiar illustration there
nurses with short hair are my favourite ones
maybe this is the reference to the Simpson's Jasper (friend of grandpa)
especially like this lady
marina laurel said this figure is her favourite one — because of the lettering on his box. People can also notice a mermaid on the figure's shoulder — well, that is a reference to Erika Leontyak who appeared to be a muse for me
I suppose, this is Nastya Chukseeva, the wife of my uni friend, Maxim Semak (Yanbekov)
this figure is a reference to Billy Elliot film — I really was fond of it
this figure is a reference to Billy Elliot (I was watching the same movie, while making this sketch)
oh my god, this is the sexiest picture from all of this, if you know what I mean
this is Dasha Puzanova from Prague, the wife of Egor Abramenko — she used to be a part of the Studio Ksi team
short haired girls are my favourite ones
pretty funny, but this figure reminds me of a great filmmaker Alexey Balabanov, who was among my most admirable ones
is this me or not? Who knows for sure
this singer looks a bit like Svetlana Polyak from the Studio Ksi team
wanted to say hi to Anton Novozhenov, the piano player from one of the moscow-based metallic bands, brother of artem kluev, who is an asshole
week ago my father came from the trip with his new friend — Natalia from the Kaliningrad city. She owns a barbershop there and looks pretty similiar. Just a page from the diary
the most notable strange person on the whole page