such a beautiful ladies out there!
can I see your beautiful eyes, madam?
paint, where is the god damned paint?
who knows how hard it is for a real man to keep his hair cut so cool?
the musician playing that wonderful solo you just keep on repeating on your guitar with all the effort possible
so what's up, boys?
always thought that Rapunzel might have curly hair

Гриша Grisha

Сказка про стилиста Гришу из перовской парик- махерскй Fairy tale about Grisha the stylist from Perovo barbershop

yo, peace, man, how'ya doing pal?
that is undoubtedly for sure must be well discussed before we proceed, indeed
the strong and well-mannered woman with ten cats waiting for her after the work
the sketch book
these profiles are full of charisma, it even dripping a bit from the edge of their chins!
the yellow frame
is Dima at home? I've brought him some chicken
some kind of an illustration inside the page or a frame, whatever
the set of four portraits in the windy weather
that is, ofcourse, a reference to Andrey Feo and his ex, Dunya Kutepova. Though, Dunya looks different, so that might be someone else