and not a percent less
pretend that there are no leafs here, fine? It will make our life easier
and one more small detail, sir, we're totally forgot to tell you about on our first call

Долг платежом красен Payment makes the debt red
“one good turn deserves another”
(russian proverb)

paperclips is one of my favorite songs by Travis band, by the way
red paperclip
red pen
red credit logo covered with pomegranate seeds

Red credit Red credit

Выдача прекрасных кредитов Issuing redevelish loans

Для красного словца For the red (“witty”) word
(another russian proverb)

Красно поле рожью,
а речь — ложью
Field is reddish with rye,
like speech — with lie
(third russian proverb)

red pen
red pen
something glitchy